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Vader Ranger

Under the Suit

Height - Elevating Your Soles

If using full-scale prop parts, you need to be over six feet to avoid the bulbous bouffant dark helmet look. I was initially aiming at 6 foot 1. I got more ambitious as this project continued, but we'll come onto that.

I started by considering height extensions built into the footwear. To go from five foot eight to six foot, I'd need an additional four inches, more if I wanted to do Vader justice. I figured I can't be the first guy to ever do this, so I did an online search.

A number of shops assist people with their height to help improve stature and self-confidence, such as James Taylor and Son. After an enquiry, I quickly abandoned the idea of bespoke footwear when, having supplied my specifications, they quoted me 1750 (excluding VAT). As this included much after-care, perhaps this is a justified cost if I wanted to wear them everyday for the rest of my life, but not for this project!

Here's what worked for me:

  • I hunted down the best value riding boots I could find that matched Vader's style - full leather, rounded toe. Dressage or semi-dressage are better as they are less expensive and better angled for walking.
  • I sought out a local cobbler who would take on the modifications himself - no sending away, no chain stores. I wanted a man who knows, and loves, his craft. I made phone calls, I visited shops, I got recommendations.
  • I walked into his shop and discussed in good detail what I needed. If you do this, don't get embarrassed about explaining what this is for! The cobbler should understand the circumstances, so that he or she has the chance to really deliver.
  • When you're happy with the results, break in the boots. Work on creating a 'hinge' above where your ankle sits during wear.

I eventually wandered into this place: Cobblers of 2 Foord Street, in Rochester, telephone number (44) 01634 403775. Here they are, and I didn't regret trying their services. I could tell the man knew his work.

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